Friday, February 21, 2014

Food of Puerto Rico - Part 2

Here is the part 2 of Food of Puerto Rico (Clik here if you miss the part 1). I put this article together in the crack of dawn. I love to work when every creature in my house are sound asleep. Unfortunately, that means working on empty stomach. Boy! That was a mistake. As I compile the pictures for this blog, I find myself becoming INCREASINGLY hungry. The food looks so good...

So anyway....

We travelled to Guavate, the land of roasted pig :)
Locals came here almost every weekend to enjoy smoky-flavor, tender, juicy chunks of meat accompanied with brown, crackling crispy skin. 

We went twice. First time, we were looking for El Rancho Original, the one that Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain visited during their show. We found El Nuevo Rancho, instead. Friendly owner. He handed a machete to my hubby and let him pose with the roasted pig. Lechon was good here, unfortunately the skin was kinda hard, far from crunchy. 

We ordered the lechon with rice and bean, and a cup of mavi for me. Lechon was good here. Smoky flavor and juicy. unfortunately the skin was kinda hard, far from crunchy.

Mavi is a fermented drink that made from the bark of soldierwood tree, or seaside buckthorn. It tastes somewhat like a marriage between champagne and mild tea with a bit of root beer in it. Not too sweet nor too bubbly. Very refreshing. 

The second time we went, we found El Rancho Original. We arrived around 10:30, just in time to beat the crowd. Kiddos were very happy over the sight of roasted pig. Lechon was a bit dry (hubby ordered the wrong cut) but the skin would stayed crispy for days! We also tried the homemade chorizo. Moist but not too spicy. A must-try!

There is this bakery/cafe on the isla verde that we love, called Panaderia Espana. The food here is sooo good. Seafood is fresh. Sandwiches are made-to-order. Pastry a little bit pricey but if you have a sweet tooth, it is so worth it. Oh and the espresso .. OMG! The espresso is to die for. It'll definitely an eye-opener. 

Here are some picture from La Espana:

Salivating yet? :)

... to be continued to Part 3

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